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Are You Someone Who Is:

  • Dealing with persistent pain that seems difficult to overcome, 
  • Noticing persistent asymmetries despite your efforts to address them,
  • Striving to enhance your overall physical well-being.


I'm Aleena, I’m a Postural Restoration Therapist and Certified Athletic Trainer.

I am certified through the Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) in Lincoln Nebraska and have a Master’s degree from University of Arkansas.

I am passionate about supporting individuals and spreading awareness of the transformative benefits of Postural Restoration®.

My primary focus is on helping others by sharing the science of Postural Restoration®, ensuring that this valuable knowledge reaches a wide audience.

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That’s how I got here

As a child and young adult, I deeply immersed myself in the world of gymnastics, actively participating from the ages of 15 to 22. As time marched on, I ventured into a new athletic realm, wholeheartedly embracing Olympic Weightlifting, where I had success as a competitor in the 53kg weight category.

However, the demanding world of high-level athleticism began to take its toll on my body, and I made the decision to retire at age of 27. This phase of my life turned out to be a significant learning adventure, offering me valuable insights into both my personal well-being and the idea of healing.

During this time, Postural Restoration®, alongside holistic medicine, emerged as crucial elements in my journey. They directed me towards more effective methods and approaches that eventually paved the way for my healing and recovery, adding a brighter chapter to my story.

My Philosophy

At the heart of my business philosophy is a deep belief in the importance of understanding the underlying causes for well-being. Instead of merely addressing symptoms, I strive to uncover the authentic origins of any issue. My aim is to assist you in discovering these sources and guide you in an empowering approach to healing.

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