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Hi, I'm Aleena. For the past 15 years I've dedicated myself to helping people overcome chronic pain.

As a certified PRI® Specialist...
Certified Athletic Trainer...
And with over 15 years of experience in movement and rehabilitation...

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Aleena Kanner is wise kind caring human. She's so so intelligent, confident and kind. She's an amazing listener and able to root cause and connect mysterious issue.

I just started her suggested exercises so we will see where they lead me. But they make sense, just like all her observations. Can't wait to follow up with her in a few months. She's truly special and makes you feel "normal"


I was suffering from chronic headaches, and after two sessions and doing her suggested exercises at home, they slowly disappeared. I attribute much of that to Aleena!

I appreciate that it was a few appointments (which I'm sure the number will vary for everyone) and not something I had to schedule often in order to keep the results I had.


Aleena is truly an outstanding practitioner. Her understanding of the entire human system and how to integrate other healthcare providers into her treatment plans is world class. She was able to quickly identify that my movement limitations were stemming from overcorrected vision as a result of LASIK.

By integrating with an optmetrist, Aleena was able to get me into the right prescription which helped my body to move and feel much better and allow me to get back into training without limitation. I couldn’t be more thankful!

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